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Apostle Coffee with Mustard & Gray

“The Shropshire Hills Collection,” is a celebration of local businesses collaborating to craft something exceptional. Apostle Coffee and Mustard & Gray invite you to enjoy the delicious charm of Shropshire, one sip at a time.

Christmas Cheer: Festive Blend

Our ‘Christmas Cheer’ is available as a Gift Subscription or 225g bag. This is a smooth and rich cup, with notes of Marzipan and Red Currant bringing to mind all the fantastic flavours of a delicious Christmas Cake.

Gift Sets, Gift Cards and Brew Kits

Looking for a Coffee Gift Set or Coffee Gift Box? Our range of Gift Boxes and Coffee Brew Kits has you covered, with each Gift Set containing our three Foundation Collection coffees.

Organic Coffee Subscription Gift

Our Coffee Gift Subscription is the perfect present for any coffee aficionado. Choose from a 3, 6 or 12 month gift subscription and Apostle will keep your lucky recipient stocked with freshly roasted organic coffee.