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free delivery on all subscriptions & orders over £25

Our Accreditation

Organic coffee that goes beyond the norm. We don’t just make bold claims, we back them up with third part accreditation.


The UKs best organic coffee, accredited by the Soil Association. 

As one of the UKs largest organic coffee collections, Apostle Coffee is accredited by the Soil Association.

This commitment to organic practices and principles compliments our wider environmental pledges and by selecting the worlds very best organic coffee beans we’re also proving that organic coffee can be the best tasting too.

As part of our organic commitment we work with coffee producers who engage in regenerative and sustainable farming practices and go beyond the values of local sustainability – this means choosing organic certified coffee, Rainforest Alliance certified, shade grown and bird friendly where possible.


We’re proud to provide Carbon Neutral coffee accredited by Climate Partners.

Forget net zero by 2030, Apostle Coffee have been operating as a carbon neutral business since our inception in 2016 with our carbon negative accreditation provided by Climate Partners.

The entire Apostle Coffee product range is certified Carbon Neutral, with Climate Partners providing our carbon offsetting alongside our own tree planting and rewilding projects.


The most sustainable coffee around, with our ethical coffee credentials verified by Ethy.

Apostle Coffee is an Ethy accredited brand. This means that our sustainable and environmental claims are accredited by a third party. 

This allows us to showcase our contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ethy’s framework takes a deep dive into six core paths which represent the most pressing sustainability challenges, and offer the widest opportunities to have a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.

You can see some of the positive steps we are taking below.

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