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How to Brew: The Perfect Cafetière / French Press Coffee

Brewing coffee doesn’t get any easier than the French Press / Cafetière. But there are still a few important steps to get right if you’re going to get the best brew out of this French classic.

Coffee Brew Guide Steps:

1. Boil enough water to fill the Cafetière / French Press.

2. Coffee to water ratio is important here, so you want a 1:12 ratio of water to coffee. So for 350g of water add 30g of coffee – about 3 heaped table spoons.

3. The coffee grind should be the consistency of course brown sugar. Add the coffee to the Cafetière / French Press.

4. Add enough water to cover the coffee and stir, ideally with a wooden/bamboo spoon.

5. Leave for around 30 seconds and let the coffee bloom.

6. Add the remaining water, replace the lid and let the coffee sit for 4 minutes – Don’t plunge yet!

7. Press the filter down gently and serve immediately.

9. An voila, the perfect Cafetière / French Press coffee.

And there you have it. C’est Manifique!

In our opinion this is a brewing technique best suited to black coffee drinkers who like a darker coffee roast, such as our Organic Espresso Blend, but be sure to get that coffee to water ratio correct, otherwise you’ll be sipping on a weak and lacklustre brew!

The perfect Cafetière / French Press coffee with Apostle Coffee.

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