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Discovery Collection
rotating coffee subscription

Discovery Collection

Discover delightful Single Origin organic coffees from around the world with this alternating subscription, which moves through the collection every month.
Foundation Collection
fixed coffee subscription

Foundation Collection

Choose from one of our delicious house blends and receive the same award-winning coffee with each delivery. These are the coffees that started it all, founding Apostle in 2016.
Exceptional Collection
rotating coffee subscription

Exceptional Collection

Organic coffee of exceptional character, sourced from small batch producers, with unique terroir and unparalleled quality. This collection alternates on a bi-monthly schedule.
Decaf Collection
fixed coffee subscription

Decaf Collection

For those seeking decaffeinated coffee, our delicious swiss water decaf is made without harmful chemicals and produces a flavourful brew that can rival any caffeinated coffee.

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No worries, the only commitment issue we really care about is to the planet! Try one of our foundation coffees, available in 225g compostable bags.

Roasting Sustainably Since 2016

A small family team making a big difference.
When we started Apostle Coffee in 2016, our ambition
was to produce the best organic coffee in the UK whilst
avoiding the excessive environmental costs associated
with the coffee industry. Now we can proudly say that
we’re a carbon negative roastery, producing award-
winning organic coffee with ethical and environmental
practices at the heart of everything we do.