What’s New In The World Of Wellness

What’s New In The World Of Wellness by Hip & Healthy

We’re really inspired by all the “newness” in the wellness industry this month. There are so many cool launches to show you! From Peleton’s highly-anticipated new product to shedding light on new conscious brands we love, here’s what’s new in the world of wellness.

Wake up and smell sustainable coffee! Apostle is the carbon-negative, family-run roastery dedicated to producing the finest organic, speciality coffee with an unparalleled commitment to sustainable practices. Taking no short cuts, Apostle has adopted a 360 approach to sustainability, from the ‘off-grid’ roastery, powered by wind, solar and natural gas, to their initiative planting endangered Black Poplar trees and native Broadleaf trees, which has already removed around 200 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Frustrated by existing plastic, foil-lined packaging, Apostle use compostable materials to package their speciality grade coffee.

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