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Wenlock Edge: India Gems of Araku, 225g Bag

Our India Gems of Araku is delicious Single Origin coffee produced on small and scattered plots of Paderu Mandal, India.

With sweet notes of Marmalade, Plum and Toffee this 85+ scoring coffee never fails to impress.

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Wenlock Edge: India Gems of Araku, 225g Bag

Profile: Marmalade, Plum and Toffee
Certificate:  Organic, Fairtrade
Country of Origin: India
Producer/Region: SAMTFMACS
Coffee Species: Coffee Arabica
Varietal: Sln5, Sln9
Altitude: 900 – 1350m
Harvest period: November – December
Process: Washed
Drying: Sun Dried on Patios
SCA score: 85

‘India Gems of Araku’ showcases the very best of organic coffee from India, with its production taking place on small and scattered plots averaging 1-2 acres per family.

This coffee is produced in Paderu Mandal. Cherries are collected and brought to a centralised coffee processing unit that accepts the beans only within 10 hours of harvesting. It goes through an initial 18-21 hour fermentation before being washed and dried using a number of raised beds. It then rests for 180 days in parchment before being hulled and bagged for shipment. Any coffee on the raised beds overnight is covered with a light cotton cloth to protect from moisture in the air.

Araku is also the first in the country to receive global accreditation as a Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) Premier Training Campus offering courses on green coffee, barista skills, brewing, and roasting, along with authorised SCA trainers.