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The Morda: Organic India, 225g Bag

Dark, bold and rich qualities abound in this delightful Organic India Cherry Coffee.

With a heavy body and big intensity, this is a coffee full of rich spices and oaky notes. Expect Cinnamon, Blackberry and Nutmeg infused with a subtle tobacco finish.

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The Morda: Organic India, 225g Bag

Profile: Cinamon, Blackberry and Nutmeg
Certificate: Organic & Fairtrade
Country of Origin: India
Producer/Region: Karnataka
Coffee Species: Robusta
Altitude: 900-1000m
Harvest period: December to January
Process: Washed
Drying: Sun dried on patios

Our bold and powerful Organic India Cherry Coffee is from the Karnataka region of India, where coffee production dominates the hill tracts of this South Indian area.

This exceptional coffee is grown organically, with the coffee farmers going over and above what organic certification requires. This includes growing coffee plants in rows beneath native shade, making use of cover crops to control weeds and making use of secondary crops to support the areas agricultural diversity.

Taking a carefully considered decision to concentrate on Robusta and not Arabica, this coffee shows that it is possible to create top end and premier grade speciality Robusta. This is what is known as R graded coffees – Robustas with the same care and commitment to quality that is recognised in the Q grading system.