Apostle Gift Box

The complete set of all three Apostle Coffees. Includes our Espresso Blend, Single Origin and Sparkling Water Decaf.


You’ll receive:

  • 100g of Organic Espresso Blend Coffee.
  • 100g of Organic Single Origin Coffee.
  • 100g of Sparkling Water Decaf Coffee.

Apostle Coffee sources all coffee as part of a collaborative supply chain, ensuring mutual benefit and positive social and environmental impact. The Apostle roastery is ‘off grid’, powered by wind, solar and natural gas.

A Carbon Neutral product – Apostle ‘inset’ our carbon footprint by planting endangered Black Poplar Trees on land surrounding the roastery.

  • All packaging 100% Compostable.

  • Fairtrade assured.

  • Rainforest Alliance certified.

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