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Coxall Knoll: Organic Guatemala, 225g Bag

Packed with Dark Chocolate and Nutty flavours – expect notes of almond and walnut with the sweet finish of apricots and cherry.

This is Guatemalan coffee at its best, clear and bold flavours resulting in a full bodied and smooth cup, regardless of the brew method.

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Coxall Knoll: Organic Guatemala, 225g Bag

Profile: Dark Chocolate, Apricots and Cherry
Certificate: Organic
Country of Origin: Guatemala
Producer/Region: Huehuetenango
Coffee Species: Arabica
Varietal: Caturra, Pacas, Pache
Altitude: 1000+m
Harvest period: November to March
Process: Fully washed
Drying: Sun dried on patios

This dark and chocolatey Guatemalan organic coffee comes from Huehuetenango, a municipality in the western highlands of Guatemala.

Running up to the border with Mexico and encompassing a lot of microclimates across its undulating hills and valleys, this is a Spanish speaking area, but it is not unusual to hear Mam, highlighting the Mayan ancestry of the area.

Produced by a small number of farmers via the Fedecocagua cooperative, an organisation that provides access to agronomists, wet processing facilities, seedlings and microfinance support. This supportive environment is then bolstered by providing dry-milling facilities, greater quality control and all-important access to a global customer base.

This organic coffee is distinctive of the region and possesses a character and flavour that won’t fail to impress.