How to Brew: The Perfect Stove Top / Moka Pot Coffee

You stick it on your stove and deliciously strong, punchy coffee comes out – that’s right, it’s Stove Top Coffee!

Also known as Moka Pot Coffee, this is a great coffee brewing method for making larger quantities of good coffee as they come in sizes as large as ’18 cups’. Perfect for when you’ve got a few people around and need to get a big batch of espresso-like coffee on the go – and once you’ve made a pot you’ll be grabbing this quintessentially Italian bit of kit more often than not.

Brewing Steps

  1. Boil enough water to fill the lower half (the boiler) of your Stove Top to the indicated line, or just below the valve.

  2. Add finely ground coffee to your Stove Top’s filter basket until it is almost full, shake it so that the coffee lies evenly, but don’t tamp it. Your coffee should be a grind consistency that is slightly coarser than espresso.

  3. Add the freshly boiled water to the lower half of your Stove Top.

  4. Then replace the filter basket.

  5. Now screw on the spouted upper chamber of the Stove Top - you’re going to want to use a cloth for this bit as the boiler is hot hot hot!

  6. Place the pot on a medium heat and wait. As the water inside boils it pushes steam up through the coffee and into the upper section of the pot.

  7. Your coffee is ready when you can hear it hissing, rather than bubbling.

  8. And there you have it - time to serve up and enjoy!

    The Perfect Stove Top / Moka Pot Coffee with Apostle Coffee

first published — 16 September 2020
last updated — 16 September 2020

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