How to Brew: The Perfect French Press / Cafetière Coffee

Brewing coffee doesn’t get any easier than the French Press / Cafetière.

It’s brewing at it’s purest and all you need is some ground coffee, hot water and a bit of time… and maybe a cup, you’ll need cup to drink it… and a French Press / Cafetière to brew it in, you’ll definitely need one of those… oh, and a spoon too - you’re going to want a spoon to stir it - but that’s all!

Ground coffee, hot water, a bit of time, a cup, French Press / Cafetière and a spoon. Easy.

Brewing Steps

  1. Boil enough water to fill the French press based on how many people you are serving. This can range from a single serve all the way up to an 8 person serve - so boil enough water accordingly.

    French press or Cafetière

  2. With the correct amount of water ready, you’re going to want to get the coffee to water ratio right. We recommend a ratio of 1:12. “What!” We hear you shout, “I’m not a bloomin’ mathematician. Give me something I can make sense of on a Sunday morning when I’m brewing up!” Fair point - this works out to about 350g of water per 30g of coffee, or the equivalent of a large mug of water for every table spoon sized scoop of ground coffee.

    Coffee scoop into French Press

  3. The consistency of your ground coffee is also important - too fine and the coffee grounds are going to make it into your cup, too coarse and your coffee is going to taste thin and weak. The consistency to aim for would be similar to course brown sugar. But as with all coffee brewing, your own personal preference is going to make the biggest difference, so why not try a few consistencies out!

    Coffee scoop in jar

  4. With your coffee in the French Press / Cafetière add enough water to cover the coffee and stir it so that all the coffee is disturbed. In an ideal world this should be done with a wooden or bamboo spoon, but we’ll let you off if a metal one is all you’ve got to hand.

  5. Leave the coffee to bloom and steep for around 30 seconds, then add the remaining water and replace the lid, but DO NOT push down, we know you’re keen, but hold your horses for a moment, this bit comes next. You need to leave the coffee to brew for 4 minutes.

  6. After 4 minutes has passed, push the filter down gently until it reaches the bottom. This is a good opportunity to access the consistency of your coffee grounds - if the press goes down too easily, the coffee is likely to be too coarse. On the opposite end, too hard and slow to push down, and the coffee is likely to be too fine.

  7. And there you have it. Pour it out and enjoy the perfect cup of French Press coffee - C’est Manifique!

The Perfect French Press / Cafetière Coffee With Apostle Coffee

first published — 16 September 2020
last updated — 16 September 2020

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