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Our Partnerships

Apostle Coffee is more than just a coffee roastery, we partner with organisations and businesses who are making the right choices and pushing for positive change.

Forest Protection, Mataven Colombia

Apostle Coffee is supporting indigenous people to avoid deforestation, with 3.6 million tonnes of CO2 reduced each year.

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Forest protection, Mataven, Colombia

As the biggest REDD+ Project in Colombia this initiative protects 1,150,200 hectares of tropical forests, safeguarding its biodiversity. It provides education, healthcare, sanitation, food security, nutrition, and further social benefits for 16,000 indigenous people. The project works hand-in-hand with the communities to constantly inform and train them, improve living conditions and promote sustainable economic growth.

The project follows a holistic approach to make a lasting change in the behavior towards sustainable practices, forest protection, and conservation. The different scopes of the project focus on reducing the vulnerability of indigenous territory through strengthening governance through the communities, improving surveillance and control of the territory, as well as the system of communication and transportation. Besides, the project helps improve food self-sufficiency for six different ethnic groups.

How does forest protection help fight global warming?

Forests are not only among the planet’s most important carbon reservoirs. They also are home to an enormous diversity of species and are the livelihood for all people. However, global forest areas have declined sharply in recent decades due to increasing settlement, agricultural use, illegal logging and mining.

Forest protection projects ensure that forests are preserved in the long term and that the protection of forests is given a higher value than their deforestation. Together with the local population, project participants protect the area from negative influences. To allow for this the projects create alternative sources of income and educational opportunities. Depending on the project region, forests store varying amounts of carbon per hectare. Particularly high amounts of carbon are stored in the vegetation and soil of tropical swamp forests, primary rainforests or mangroves.

Pam's Pools

Apostle Coffee is proud to support this stunning permaculture site in North Shropshire

Pam is a retired doctor who bought Underton Cottage & 4 acres of land back in 1985 . Since then she has gone on to add adjoining parcels of land so that the full site now stretches to a 110 acre permaculture/wildlife site.

Pam’s vision is to maintain and enhance this mosaic of wildlife habitats across “Pam’s Pools” and to increase the species-diversity of the site. This continues to be achieved through conservation grazing, the planting of native trees and shrubs and the management of the two wildflower hay meadows, two lakes and three pools.

Since partnering with Pam’s Pools, Apostle Coffee has planted over 500 native broadleaf trees, hedging and shrubs allowing us to support Pam in her amazing vision and build a lasting legacy for this unique parcel of countryside.

Apostle Coffee is committed to working with Pam’s Pools each and every year, providing saplings and shrubs that we plant in the wet conditions of early spring.

You can even visit Pam’s Pools and enjoy a cup of Apostle Coffee during the summer open days. More information on Pam’s website here

Community Projects

The Apostle Coffee family loves to get our hands dirty and what better way than supporting a number of community led projects.

Wild about Westhope

The Apostle Coffee team jumped at the chance to support a local rewilding initiative only 3 miles from the Apostle Coffee roastery in Westhope. 

Joining this hardworking group of local volunteers Jon and Colin were quickly up to speed with felling, dead hedging and hazel coppicing – learning a wealth of new techniques and skills that they now employ in the Apostle Forest.

Tree Planting in Quinton

Joining two local primary schools in Quinton, Birmingham, Apostle Coffee provided and helped plant over 250 native trees as part of improvements to a local park – helping to decrease nearby traffic noise and pollution.

This special community event was even proceeded over by the High Sherif of Birmingham who passed on the Queens thanks to the amazing team of little helpers.

WWF Logo

1% of all Apostle Coffee sales, regardless of profit, are donated to WWF UK

WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation and they’re on a mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.

Apostle Coffee share this mission and have pledged 1% of all sales, regardless of profit, towards this fantastic organisation.

To achieve their mission, WWF are finding ways to help transform the future for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas; pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions that will avoid catastrophic climate change; and pressing for measures to help people live sustainably, within the means of our one planet.

For more information you can visit the WWF website here

Stripe Climate Logo

Stripe Climate

1% of all Apostle Coffee sales, regardless of profit, are donated to Stripe Climate

At Apostle Coffee, we contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal as a Stripe Climate Member.

Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is critical to counteract climate change, but the technology is currently lagging behind. A fraction of every purchase from Apostle Coffee helps new carbon removal technologies scale.

At Apostle Coffee, we believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal.

Apostle Coffee is part of Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal.

No company can stop climate change by itself. Stripe Climate aggregates funds from forward-thinking businesses around the world to increase demand for carbon removal.

We support a portfolio of emerging technologies that remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Stripe Climate works with a multidisciplinary group of scientific experts to find and evaluate the most promising carbon removal technologies. Below are two examples from our broader portfolio.

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