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Is Coffee Good For You?

From one Doctor to another, Michael Mosley and I can see the clear health benefits that coffee has to offer! 


Is Coffee Good for you ?

An unequivocal yes from Dr Michael Mosley’s weekly Radio 4 programme “Just one thing”. He explains how the effects of coffee which contains caffeine, flavanols and polyphenols helps our health, wellbeing and improves exercise performance.

Is Coffee good for your Heart?

As a GP in the NHS I spent much time advising my patients on diet including coffee consumption. Recent scientific  evidence based on a large study of half a million people shows that those drinking 3 cups of coffee a day enjoyed better heart health and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Can Coffee Help Dementia?

This very large research study showed that coffee drinkers also benefited from reduced risk of stroke and dementia. 
Next time we look at the benefits of coffee on reducing body fat. For the full story check out BBC Sounds


So, there you have it. Organic coffee doesn’t just taste better but it’s also great for you too! Why not explore our subscription range and give Apostle’s organic coffee subscription a go today!

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