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How to Brew: The Perfect Pour Over Coffee

A brewing technique that’s quick, simple to do and offers minimal fuss when it comes to both brewing and tidying up. You can even make use of a Cloth Filter Co reusable filter, making this a truly waste free cuppa.


Coffee Brew Guide Steps:

1. Boil enough water to fill your cup.

2. Place your filter inside the dripper and rinse with the freshly boiled water.

3. Discard the water from your cup and replace the dripper. Add 30g of ground coffee (which is about three heaped tea spoons). The coffee should be ground to the sort of consistency you get with table salt or sugar.

4. Now that the boiled water has cooled slightly (and if we’re being pedantic and barista-like about it, this should be around 95-96 C) gently pour your hot water in a circular motion from the outside of the dripper to the inside of the coffee. Watch the grounds bloom and stop when the filter is around a third full – and don’t forget to get your nose in there, this is when those fantastic aromas are released.

5. Allow the water to drain, but begin pouring again before the coffee runs dry. Now pour in the opposite direction, starting from the centre of the coffee and out to the edges, ensuring that all the coffee grounds are disturbed.This time allow the water to drain fully.

6. Remove your dripper and dispose of the filter (we’d recommend composting these if you can, they provide excellent organic matter and nitrogen for the garden).

7. And there you have it – a delicious cup of pour over coffee. We think it’s best served black, allowing your coffee to show off all its complex flavour profiles and aroma, but we won’t hold it against you if you fancy a splash of milk.

And that’s all there is to it! We think that Pour Over coffee is best served black, allowing your roasted beans to show off all their complex flavour profiles and aroma – especially with a coffee like our lighter roasted Organic Single Origin.

The perfect Pour Over coffee with Apostle Coffee.

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