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How to Brew: The Perfect Aeropress Coffee

Invented by a guy with an odd name and a penchant for freebies, the Aeropress is one of the best ways to make barista level coffee at home. It looks confusing, but is deceptively simple to use.


So check out our 60 second guide and you’ll be brewing some of the best tasting coffee you’ve ever made at home with this beautiful bit of coffee engineering.

Coffee Brew Guide Steps:

1. Build the Aeropress. Plunger first, then main chamber on top. You’ll want to push this down enough so that it sits firmly above the plunger.

2. Add 15g of ground coffee. This wants to be finely ground, like fine table salt – similar to what you’d expect to put in an espresso machine.

3. Boil enough water for a single serve – approximately 200ml for the average cup.

4. Add enough boiled water to cover the coffee grounds and stir so that all of the coffee is mixed.

5. Leave to stand for 30 seconds to let the coffee bloom. This lets the trapped C02 escape and smells great – get your nose in there!

6. Add the remaining water.

7. Stir the coffee a second time, approximately ten turns should do it. This gives it a final mix and sets you up for the next step.

8. Leave the coffee to brew for a further 1 minute.

9. Place a paper filter into the plastic filter cap and rinse with water (take caution this can be very hot!).

10. Fasten the cap and filter so that it locks into place, then gently push down to remove any excess air. This makes it more secure for when we flip it!

11. Confidently, but with care, flip the Aeropress over and place it above your cup. This requires a bit of concentration, but isn’t as stressful as it might appear.

12. Push down slowly and firmly until all the coffee is expelled. You’ll know you’re done when a tiny bit of air hisses out, or when there’s nowhere left to push!

13. Then it’s time to serve.

The Aeropress is a great way to try out a new coffee and get a sense of the unique flavours and character profiles.

Perfect for discovering a new Organic Single Origin, or even better for starting your morning with a punchy Organic Espresso Blend. Soon you’ll be wondering how you ever made coffee without it!

The perfect Aeropress coffee with Apostle Coffee.

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