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Subscriptions: General Info

Am I locked into my subscription?

Our coffee subscriptions are completely flexible, with the ability to switch, pause or cancel at any time from the My Account portal of our website.

Is the cost of postage included?

Postage is included in all our subscriptions and gift subscriptions and is dispatched via our Standard Service, using Royal Mail 2nd Class.

Can I make changes to my subscription without speaking to Apostle Coffee directly?

Our subscriptions can be managed directly from the website, allowing our subscribers to easily switch, pause or cancel their subscriptions from the My Account dashboard. The changes that can be made include the coffee collection, coffee weight, coffee grind and the frequency of your renewal payments and dispatch. You can also easily make changes to your account details; such as name, addresses and payment methods.

What is the difference between a gift subscription and regular subscription?

Our gift subscriptions are pre-paid and provide monthly deliveries to the recipient for the length of time chosen; either 3, 6 or 12 months.
Our regular subscription operates on a pay as you go basis, with recurring payments and deliveries of coffee provided on a schedule that you select.
Our regular subscribers, or Coffee Apostle’s as they’re lovingly known, also gain access to a wider range of coffees that are not on offer outside of the Apostle Subscription as well as automatic entry into our regular giveaways and rewards.

What is the difference between the Foundation, Discovery and Exceptional Collections?

Each collection offers a different range of coffees. Our Foundation Collection is the three coffees that Apostle Coffee was founded on – two organic blends and an organic sparkling water decaf. Our Discovery Collection is a rotating subscription, with a different organic Single Origin coffee sent out every 4 weeks, along with coffee info and tasting notes. Our Exceptional Collection rotates on a slower cycle, roughly every two months, and showcases rare and unique coffees from exceptional organic producers around the world – these deliveries also come with accompanying coffee information and tasting notes.

Do you post outside of the UK?

Our environmental commitments mean that Apostle Coffee only posts coffee within the UK.

How fresh is the coffee that Apostle Coffee send out?

We roast our coffee twice a week, leaving the beans to rest for at least 3 days before sending out. This means that the coffee we send out is the freshest it can possibly be when it arrives on your front step.

Will the deliveries fit through my letter box?

Our subscriptions come in three sizes and as such require slightly different packaging. Our 250g and 500g subscriptions are sent out in compostable mailers, which should fit through most standard letter boxes. Our 1kg subscriptions are sent out in cardboard mailers that are 5 cm high and 22cm wide. This can be a little large for most standard letter boxes, but the postie should leave you a note should they have any trouble making the delivery.
Our one-off products are sent out in a variety of sizes, but these tend to be larger than standard letter box sizes.

I have a discount code. How can I use this?

Discount codes can be used on the checkout page when placing an order. This option is presented just before your card details – look for the line that says ‘Have a coupon? Click here to enter your coupon code’. Discount codes are subject to our terms and conditions and often have an expiry date.

After delivery when is the coffee ready to drink?

Our coffee is rested for at least 3 days before being sent out and if you are brewing using filter, cafetiere or pour over the coffee should be ready to brew as soon as it arrives. If you are brewing espresso the beans might require a little longer to rest, typically another 3-5 days. If your espresso shot is coming through very lively and a little frothy, this suggests that the beans would benefit from a slightly longer rest before brewing.

How should I dispose of my compostable packaging?

Our entire packaging range is home compostable, which means that once added to a well-tended compost bin the materials will break down in around 90 days time. Some local councils allow these sorts of biobased products to be added to your green recycling bin, but this service can differ from region to region so please check with your local council. We also compost our waste right here at the roastery, so if you’re struggling to dispose of your packaging we’d be more than happy to take care of this for you, so why not bundle a few bags together and post them back to us.

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