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Organic coffee with the environment at heart

At Apostle Coffee we don’t outsource our environmental responsibilities, we get our hands dirty, planting a tree for each new member right here in the UK – on land surrounding our roastery and with our rewilding partners both locally and nationally. 

Our Story

Apostle Coffee is small but mighty – providing coffee from one family home, straight to yours.

When we started Apostle Coffee in 2016 our ambition was to produce the best organic coffee in the UK with the minimum environmental impact.

Since then we have gone on to provide an award-winning coffee collection, with our entire product range now Carbon Neutral accredited.

To further inset our carbon emissions we have established a woodland regeneration project and partnered with Pam’s Pools, a local permaculture site supported by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Our ongoing tree planting and rewilding schemes allow us to improve habitats and biodiversity within the UK and share in these amazing achievements with our regular coffee subscribers.

Our organic coffee status is provided by the Soil Association and we’re meticulous about where our coffee is sourced.

Our traceable coffee supply chain is fully committed to sustainable practices, fair prices and regenerative agriculture.

Because of this commitment, our ethically sourced coffee is of the highest environmental and moral standard.

Combining this with our ‘off-grid’ roastery and our 100% compostable packaging, means that we can be confident that our coffee is the most environmentally friendly cup around.

The most environmentally friendly coffee in the UK

Family-run and environmentally focused. Carbon Neutral accredited coffee, with a tree planted right here in the UK for every subscriber.

Apostle Coffee is a family-run business, with husband and wife team, Jon and Charlotte, supported by their father (in-law), Colin. Charlotte, Jon and Colin run the entire operation – from roasting and packaging, every Apostle Coffee bean is processed by hand and if you ever get in touch, its Jon, Charlotte or Colin that you’ll be speaking with.

Where other coffee brands seek to profit from unsustainable growth and scale, Apostle Coffee will never grow beyond its 5,000 members, or the ‘Apostle 5000’ as they’re known.

Where other brands outsource their environmental responsibilities, Apostle Coffee has sustainability and positive climate action embedded since 2016.

We have been planting trees right here on land surrounding the roastery since 2016 and elsewhere with our rewilding partners across the UK. This means over 1000 native trees planted, alongside hedging and other vital habitat creation.

Here at Apostle Coffee we compost our waste materials on site, even providing a returnable service for members who struggle to compost at home.

Forget net zero by 2030, Apostle Coffee have been operating as a carbon neutral business since our inception in 2016, with our carbon neutral accreditation provided by Climate Partners.

We have pushed the UK coffee industry towards sustainability as the pioneers of compostable packaging and carbon offsetting commitments. Our entire packaging range is home compostable, plastic free and makes use of labels that we print on site using ecofriendly inks.

We are the UKs only ‘off-grid’ organic coffee roastery. Generating our own power on site via a dedicated wind turbine and solar panels and we go one step further by scheduling our roasting, packaging and delivery for maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

Ethical coffee with a charitable pledge

We’re committed to fair prices, regenerative agriculture and charitable partnerships.

We source only organic coffee, working with coffee producers who engage in regenerative and sustainable farming practices and go beyond the values of local sustainability. This means choosing coffee that is organic certified, Rainforest Alliance certified, shade grown and bird friendly where possible.

We pay a fair price to our coffee producers, meeting at least the minimum Fairtrade foundation standards and in most cases more. The individuals and co-operatives that we partner with are actively improving the lives of their workforce and communities, providing support for families, education and healthcare.

We’re working tirelessly to improve. Always assessing and adjusting our working practices to ensure that we stay the most environmentally friendly coffee in the UK.

We know and recognise our weaknesses and put workflows in place to build towards more positive change and develop better practices to reduce our impact even further.

Apostle Coffee is an Ethy accredited brand. This means that our sustainable and environmental claims are accredited by a third party. This allows us to showcase our contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ethy’s framework takes a deep dive into six core paths which represent the most pressing sustainability challenges, and offer the widest opportunities to have a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.

1% of all sales, regardless of profit, are donated to Stripe Climate, who put these contributions towards projects that remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, primarily by purchasing the permanent removal of CO2 at a particular price per ton, but also focus on permanent carbon removal technologies.

In the best case, Stripe Climate hope that these projects can grow to provide a material portion of the gigatons of carbon removal the world needs to limit a rise in temperature below agreed-upon targets. Stripe Climate select carbon removal projects based on criteria they have developed in partnership with their scientific expert advisors, and they rely on their public application and review process instead of verifying through traditional carbon offset verifiers.

A further 1% of all sales, regardless of profit, is donated to WWF – who are determined to stop the destruction of nature and help it to recover. They’re focusing on several areas of work, from improving food systems, tackling climate change, and protecting wildlife – helping create a world where people and nature can thrive.

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