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5 Simple Steps for the Perfect Aeropress Coffee

Aeropress Coffee is a fantastic way to brew delicious, barista-style coffee in the comfort of your own home. When it comes to brewing coffee with the Aeropress looks can be deceiving and Apostle Coffee Co-Founder Jon, aka The Coffee Apostle, is ready to show you just how easy it can be.

Welcome coffee connoisseurs and thank you for joining me on another coffee brewing session!

I’m out here in the Apostle Coffee forest. It’s my safe place, the perfect spot for a bit of reflection and tree bathing. Or, if you’re in the mood, some Aeropress coffee.

What is an Aeropress?

Invented by a guy with an odd name and a penchant for freebies. This bad boy is my go to brewing method. Yes. Every morning I fire up the kettle and put this beautiful lump of plastic and rubber to work. But how you might ask? It looks like something I used to mess about within the school science lab and we have no intention of reliving our school years – but it’s deceptively simple.

Stick with me and you’ll be brewing some of the best tasting coffee you’ve ever made at home with this cheeky chappy.

So where to start?

1. Aeropress Brew Kit Construction

It’s got three parts and a paper filter. I use what’s know as the ‘inverted method’, which really means making it upside down and flipping it. You can make it the other way, but if your filter isn’t on tight it just slowly leaks water before the coffee has had a chance to brew.

What next?

2. Ground Organic Coffee

I’m using a delicious single origin coffee from Apostle Coffee, called Ippikin’s Rock.

We want our ground coffee to be slightly finer than something like seas salt – somewhere just above the texture of our Stove Top or Espresso style ground coffee. And for a single serve I like to go for 15g – one good heaped table spoon, or just over one Hario scoop. You can try a little more if you like a punchier cup.

Then we take our boiled water – As always we’re gonna leave our boiled water for a couple of minutes so that it cools down to around 95-97 degrees c – and rinse the aeropress paper filter, removing any paper taste. It also helps the paper to bind to the cap. Be careful as this is quite a scolding opportunity.

3. Brew the Aeropress Coffee

Then we’re going to just cover the coffee grounds and let them bloom. Here we’re just waiting for the coffee to release the Co2 that escapes when the water is introduced.

Leave it for 30 seconds, give it a prod or a stir if you feel like it – sometimes you do.

Then use the water to fill the aeropress chamber up and leave it for 60 seconds.

Once that’s done we’re going to stir it eleven times. No more. No less. Eleven. Some people say ten. They’re fools, don’t listen to them.

Replace the aeropress filter and cap.

Here comes the slightly tricky bit, push down the plunger so that any ecess air can escape – this also helps secure the plunger for what’s about to come – the old flipperoo.

4. Flip your Aeropress

Taking hold of the aeropress with two hands, we’re going to flip it over on to our cup. Don’t be scared – it’s going to be ok.

Flip it and sit it.

Then we’re going to push down firmly and gently, applying pressure to counter the 30 pounds of resistance you’re feeling. It can be quite a work out. If this is happening to fast, you’re grounds are too coarse. Too slowly and they’re too fine. If it’s going like mine. You’ve got it just right.

When it’s all done. You’re done.

5. Serve your Organic Coffee

You can then pop the cap and pop out the grounds – I compost mine, no big deal.

And there it is Aeropress coffee! Bit of milk. Boom.

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